Grand’s team spreads a little Sunshine on Earth Day

The second stage of the La Salian Montessori project at Modera, saw enthusiastic volunteers of the Cinnamon Grand team taking off to recreate happy and green spaces for nearly 100 less privileged children attending the school. The Montessori is run by a committed team lead by Brother Damien, of the La Salian Brothers. The project was selected by Cinnamon Grand last year as a long term community development initiative. This  `simple learning base,’ serves primarily children who are vulnerable and disadvantaged given the high poverty levels in the area, which is further intensified by rampant  crime and drug abuse.

The Montessori is a tribute to commitment of this group, to provide effective support and development for these children, whilst preparing them for the next step into primary school.  Under the stewardship of Cinnamon Grand, last year, the school’s dilapidated building was reconstructed with constructional changes and enhancement of facilities such as toilets, class rooms and a teacher’s room.  This year, the Grand team in keeping with their green ethos aimed to create greener spaces by using their creativity and talents in keeping with the 2014 Earth Day theme of Greener Cities. The newly renovated meeting hall and the indoor play area was this year’s area of focus.   Undaunted by the challenges posed due to the lack of a garden space, the team recreated beautiful sceneries to give the children, a sense of nature within the confined walls of the Montessori. The task was not an easy one but the team certainly had a fun day of spreading sunshine, the right kind, the Grand way. 

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We wish all our patrons a peaceful, prosperous, happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year!

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