The green ethos driving Colombo’s flagship hotel

Take a look at what General Manager, Rohan Karr’s plans are to help Cinnamon Grand on it’s journey towards becoming the most sustainable five star city hotel by 2015.

In commemoration of World Car-free Day (WCD) here are some Eco-friendly tips from the experts!

Another dramatic occurrence of Global Warming?

"An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan tore off one of Greenland’s largest glaciers, illustrating another dramatic change to the warming island.

For several years, scientists had been watching a long crack near the tip of the northerly Petermann Glacier. On Monday, NASA satellites showed it had broken completely, freeing an iceberg measuring 46 square miles.

A massive ice sheet covers about four-fifths of Greenland. Petermann Glacier is mostly on land, but a segment sticks out over water like a frozen tongue, and that’s where the break occurred.”

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Today, our Green Team launched their World Water Day awareness campaign for staff.

Click here to view their ‘Grand Efforts towards Sustainability’